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About Us

About Us

Nick Maslen is the founder and creative director of Living Steel which has developed as an offshoot from his general engineering, machining and steel fabrication business to  respond to the growing demand for more creative and decorative projects.

Nick brings with him many years of engineering and practical experience including:

  • Qualified and experienced Boiler Maker and first class Welder
  • Qualified Mechanical Engineer – During his professional experience in construction and automotive manufacturing companies, he worked with a large variety of engineering materials and processes.
  • Practical trades experience working with metals that allow artistic licence
  • He continues to own and operate a highly successful general engineering workshop with high precision Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining, welding and general fabrication capability.

Nick’s designs reflect the natural beauty in this world inspired through his love of the outdoors, travel, surfing, snow skiing and photography.

For those who like to know how we go from design concept to the finished product, here is the process:

  1. We start with your artistic concept or theme
  2. The type of screen or feature and mounting system is chosen
  3. We then create a sketch or use images that best represent this theme
  4. Our graphic designers will then create an image from this concept using graphic design software to create a vector” graphic of  the design
  5. This design is reviewed to ensure the finished piece will give the desired artistic effect and have structural integrity when laser cut
  6. The vector graphic is then converted to a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file format that can be processed by laser cutting equipment
  7. You select the type of material and it’s finish (rustic weathered or powder coating)
  8. We take care to prevent galvanic corrosion occurring between dissimilar metals, for example stainless steel screws and Coreten steel, by isolating them from each other wherever possible with machined Ertalon 6SA isolators
  9. Your design comes alive as it is laser cut into the metal
  10. Once it is cleaned and we are 100% happy with the finish we ship it to you

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